Impressionism Panel Discussion, April 2010

Game Changers and Boundary Breakers
Venue 111 Minna Gallery Event Date Thursday, April 29, 2010 Photographer Camille Koue Event Photos Available Here   Podcast Available Listen  

Game changers, boundary breakers, iconoclasts and troublemakers! This event celebrated ideas and artists who push society forward. While Impressionist painters belong indisputably to the artistic pantheon, these absinthe-swilling bad-boys were actually the rebels of Paris. These imaginatively disruptive artists—pariahs in their day—redefined the art world.

Hosted at 111 Minna, the discussion took a look at parallels between Impressionist painters and today's internet-based creative networks. Panelists included:

•Moderator: Ken Goldberg, Professor of New Media, UC Berkeley
•Heather Champ, Director of Community, Flickr
•Lynn Orr, Curator in Charge, European Art, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
•Ken Holden, Fine Arts Photographer

Co-hosted by INFORUM, a division of the Commonwealth Club, and the Contemporary Jewish Museum.