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About ArtPoint

ArtPoint is a group of young professionals that supports the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, the de Young and the Legion of Honor. Members enjoy an annual program of exhibition-related lectures, gallery parties, and museum galas. Proceeds support FAMSF exhibitions and programs.

ArtPoint Board: Ariane Nalty Zewe, Kevin Whittaker, Patricia Ivancich Dassios, Amanda Riley, Jennifer Hagan, Ryan Hoffman, Joshua Reynolds, Vadim Nebuchin, Julie Yarbrough, David Saxe (Not pictured: Kate Gorrissen, Joshua Horowitz, Melita Jampol, Jennifer Orne, ).

ArtPoint Advisory Council: Lydia Bergman, Gary Coover, Kelly Hochman, Dana Marie Knapp, Ayelet Konrad, Andrew C. Marlen, Farell McElveen, Consuelo Pierrepont, Kati Schmidt, Nicole Ward, Forrest Wittenmeier

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